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Healing Therapies

Drawing from my many styles of massage, I strive to accommodate each person's needs. Whether the receiver is looking for serene relaxation, improved flexibility, or deep structural work, My diverse educational background allows me to customize treatments for optimal effectiveness. Massage and bodywork are necessary for preventing stress and illness in a person's life. I believe that the goal of wellness is attainable, and that receiving regular massage and bodywork allows individuals to heal harmoniously. My sessions can help with: lower back pain, tension from desk work, headaches, neck pain, TMJ syndrome, relaxing during pregnancy/recovery from giving birth, as well as injury prevention, and athletic optimization



An Ancient Science

Deep Tissue Massage employs slow and steady pressure to sooth and relax the muscles. It is is a corrective technique that "irons out" adhesions formed within the muscle fibers due to postural deviations and holding patterns that people develope over their lifetime. The slow, gradual pressure readies the body to accept deeper work thereby accelerating the healing process.



Natural Healing

Thai yoga bodywork is a more dynamic form of massage. It allows the receiver to be passively stretched while comfortably clothed on a mat on the floor. It is an ancient healing art proven to restore vitality and ensure relaxation. Thai bodywork assist in furthering the flexibility of the receiver with a series of stretches that flow like a dance. There are also elements of rocking, compression, and rhythmic tapping. Thai bodywork can be very transportable and casual.




Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle treatment that works with the natural, self correcting mechanism of the body and the Cranio Sacral System (the membranes and fluids that surround the brain and the spinal cord) to detect and release restrictions in mobility and enhance function. The rhythmic movement of the CranioSacral System can be palpated and used to determine the core issues so the treatment can focus on the cause rather than the symptoms.

Cranio Sacral Therapy treats a variety of issues including: migraines, TMJ dysfunction, Sinusitis, spinal deviations, neck pain, anxiety, and mood disorders. CST employs light touch with gentle manipulations to the body's fascia, and the receiver remains comfortably clothed during the session.


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Alicia, I want to thank you. I am 25 weeks pregnant and for a few weeks i was walking like i was 42 weeks pregnant. Not anymore since i was with you yesterday.

—  Marieke K.

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